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Group trainings/workshops typically range between 1.5 - 4 hours in length, with the exception of a few topics that are designed to be 1-2 day sessions. Most topics below can be customized to meet the needs of the project and targeted audience to ensure a tailored, relevant and quality face-to-face workshop. Reach out for a full list of topics, descriptions and pricing.     


Journeying Through Change Gracefully

We all experience change in our lives. Whether that change is transitional or circumstantial, it can bring about intense emotions and varying degrees of stress. Learn how to gracefully journey through any kind of change by developing a set of techniques and essential habits that enable self-mastery and sustained peace of mind.

Lead Where You Are

Leadership, in its basic definition, is the ability to acquire followers. Learn how to develop influencing skills, thought-processes and engagement mechanisms to execute personal leadership, no matter your title.


The Power of Mindful Listening

Develop Mindfulness skills and emotional awareness/readiness that will allow you to physically and mentally "show up" for those who matter most in your life.  Learn to nurture Mindful and effective listening habits and watch your relationships transform.


Empathic Coaching: A Coaching Model for Managers

Increase emotional awareness and empathic leadership skills through a proven coaching model that will bring out the absolute best in people and their personal/professional performance.


The Crucibles of Personal Leadership

A crucible is a difficult life event that tests your ability to rebound from challenging situations. The best leaders possess a keen awareness of how to use crucibles to their advantage. Explore how a crucible can help transform your life and the lives of those around you for the better.


Owning Your Professional Career

Before you can steer your ship in the right direction, you need to have plotting points and a reliable map to get you there. Career mapping can be an overwhelming process, especially in a time of disruptive change. Learn to set the course for your desired career...intentionally.


Cultivate a Practice of Intentional Living

Developing our own personal habits around intentional living often leads us to feel more in alignment with our core values, clearer and at peace with our life decisions and more motivated to seek out our innermost desires and goals. Discover practical tools and techniques that can help you identify and cultivate your own practice of living life with intention.


Chair Yoga @ Work

How often do you/your team feel tense or stressed during your workday? Does this stress impact your conversations or interactions? What if there was a quick and effective way to de-stress when tension gets the best of you? In this workshop discover how you can use certain yoga techniques and poses in your office chair to help you recharge on the job, so that you can focus on bringing your best self to your work and relationships.


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Busy Achievers

Stress can be triggered by many different factors given the world we live in, though it is not the stressors that are the problem for us, it is our inability to relate to and manage the stressors when they arise. Learn how to create habits that will help to control your stress responses so you can feel more balanced and better equipped to effectively interact with the world around you.

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