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Ashley’s warm, engaging and conversational speaking style is infused with knowledge and energy designed to empower and inspire your teams.

Ashley’s presentations are incredibly unique and always incorporate her HILE METHOD™ as well as practical tools, concepts and immediate action steps that audiences can use to improve their professional and personal lives.

Ashley’s most popular topics include:      

Manager 101 Bootcamp: The Mindful Manager

Leadership is an influence process. It is about mindfully collaborating with people to reach their goals and the goals of the organization. Learn about the fundamentals of frontline leadership that drive accountability, trust, emotional intelligence and sustained positive performance.


Peak Performance Coaching: A Coaching Model for Managers

The underpinning of Effective Coaching is a strong partnership between employee and manager. Learn to increase emotional awareness and empathic leadership skills using Ashley’s step-by-step performance coaching model that will help managers to bring out the absolute best in their people’s performance and attitudes.


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Busy Achievers

Stress can be triggered by many different factors given the world we live in, though it is not the stressors that are the problem for us, it is our inability to relate to and manage the stressors when they arise. Learn how to create habits that will help to control your stress responses so you can feel more balanced and better equipped to effectively interact with the world around you.


The Radical Power of Mindful Listening

Develop Mindfulness skills and emotional awareness/readiness that will allow you to physically and mentally "show up" for those who matter most in your life.  Learn to nurture Mindful and effective listening habits and watch your relationships transform.


Journeying Through Change Gracefully

We all experience change in our lives. Whether that change is transitional or circumstantial, it can bring about intense emotions and varying degrees of stress. Learn how to gracefully journey through any kind of change by developing a set of techniques and essential habits that enable self-mastery and sustained peace of mind.

Cultivate a Practice of Intentional Living

Developing our own personal habits around intentional living often leads us to feel more in alignment with our core values, clearer and at peace with our life decisions and more motivated to seek out our innermost desires and goals. Discover practical tools and techniques that can help you identify and cultivate your own practice of living life with intention to bring out the best in yourself and your potential.


Owning Your Professional Career

Before you can steer your ship in the right direction, you need to have plotting points and a reliable map to get you there. Career mapping can be an overwhelming process, especially in a time of disruptive change. Learn to set the course for your desired career...intentionally.

Reach out to Ashley for a full list of speaking/training topics.

Real World Results

Ashley is a dynamic and engaging speaker! She brings a professional approach with heart to every interaction! As a facilitator of in person and web based workshops, she is an incredibly skilled instructor who invites self-discovery and group interaction while imparting quality information clearly in a way that is easy to apply.
— Laura, Director of Programs: Junior Achievement of Southern Pennsylvania
Just the training we needed! Ashley’s Mindfulness in the Workplace training was so timely for our group and helped us to reconnect together in ways we don’t do enough as a team. Ashley is a fantastic facilitator and we look forward to having her back in the near future!
— Shawn, CEO: Club Fitness
One of the best speakers we’ve had in years! Ashley made everyone feel comfortable to share and learn together. We took away many practical strategies that will be immediately implemented within our organization. Thank you Ashley for an amazing group experience!
— Sara, VP of Operations, Current Meditation
Fantastic training! For the first time, I feel really confident in my ability to be an effective coach for each member of my staff. The engaging way Ashley facilities makes learning fun and valuable. This was the best training on employee coaching that I’ve attended in years.
— Ben, Sr. Manager, Apollo Group

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