Full Moon Energy and You

We were all under the influence of the Full Moon in Pisces on August 26 and 27, 2018.  Pisces, because it's the 12th and last sign of the zodiac, typically marks an end to a chapter in our lives.  It's a perfect time to say "no" to the hustle and bustle of life's get-togethers, end of summer BBQs, and friend-dates and instead, make a cup of tea and yes to staying at home and spending quality and scared time with yourself - plugged-in and attuned to the energy around and within you.  

This is a time to reconnect with your Soul.  Listen - what is she/he saying?  It's a time of transformation.  Due to the intensity and rise in energy during this last month with a partial eclipse and Mercury as well as other planets in Retrograde (appearing to spin backwards), Pisces Full Moon is calling you to reflect on this last year and become aware of your journey - What went well?  What things, people, circumstances or events may you need to release because they no longer serve your highest good? It's a time to realign and find harmony and balance within yourself.  


This full moon is also an opportunity to transcend old stories that result in a mindset or harbored feelings of victimhood, blame, resentment and martyrdom. Take advantage of this beautiful energy that is around you to look at any old stories you may be attaching yourself to.  The goal here is to lean into those stories, explore them, understand them, be-friend and then release them.  Luckily, the Full Moon covers us with its compassion by holding space for us to bring our burdens, pain, worries or struggles to her so she can renew and heal. 

Whatever comes up for you, should not be judged, criticized or obsessed over, rather, act like a skilled detective who is searching for clues and indications of knowledge or uncovered truths about your current physical, emotional and spiritual state.  Sitting with and creating space for the Full Moon in Pisces energy will be enough to peel back the layers within yourself that are often asleep, due to the fast-paced modernized world we live in.  

As the Full Moon energy helps you to be reflective of the past year and all that went on, it will also be gently calling you to find completion in those life circumstances that you don't want to take with you on your journey into the future.  In the same breath, this Full Moon invites you to direct your attention to the newness you're wanting to call fourth in your life. You may want to spend some time thinking, feeling and gaining clarity on what newness you're wanting to cultivate and attract and how having those things would make you feel once they arrive.  Lastly, find your own unique way of offering up these internal desires to our Full Moon and trust that she will continue to speak and guide you along this wild ride we call life.




Ashley Boyd