Meditation Apps for Stressed/Busy Leaders


Stress is something we all know too well. Most every human on the planet gets stressed and our work lives can have a lot to do with it. As destructive as stress can be at times, it is a natural byproduct of the hectic way we engage with our work, life and the external world around us. Stress becomes a real problem when it overwhelms us. An overwhelming amount of stress can create anxiety, panic and wreak havoc on our mental, emotional, physical and energetic bodies. Remember, we’re far more than just our mind or bodies, so the way we experience stress is usually multifold.

The result of being overwhelmed by stress is the opposite of health. It is the opposite of well-being and balance.

Enter in Meditation as a tool for well-being and stress management.

Meditation has been practiced for millennia’s in various parts of the world, but just in the recent decades, meditation has become far more main stream and more accepted (thank goodness) in our westernized culture. The science and research to date has much to do with our cultural openness to meditation and our ability to learn about it and thus, integrate meditation and mindfulness into our daily lives.

Due to the research that definitively supports the benefits of meditation and the millions of people who personally benefit from it, we now have an entire consumer market of meditation Apps and resources to choose from to start/continue our journey toward inner peace and calm.

Below are a few popular meditation Apps that I have personally used on a daily basis in the recent past and my review of them:

Insight Timer


Insight Timer is the world’s largest FREE (legit free) online app and community for meditation of all levels. The app features guided meditations, music and talks posted by contributing experts from all over the world. Their library includes 24,000 titles of meditations.

The user experience on this app is a good one! Once you open the app, you’ll be shown a map of all the users across the world who are currently meditating via the Insight Timer app. You’ll learn quickly that you can easily choose from the variety of meditations that they offer in the app - guided meditations, body scans, introductory mediations, built in timer, intention meditations, walking meditations and meditations on specific subjects like healing and forgiveness.



Headspace is a 30 day free app for basic meditations. You can download the app for free for 30 days, but a subscription will unlock all of the features of Headspace.

In the first 30 days of using Headspace, you’ll have access to their “Foundation Pack” which is meant to introduce new users to the basics of meditation. After the first free 30 days, you’ll have to purchase a subscription to access the rest of the app’s content. If you decide to buy the subscription ($96 for annual subscription or $12.99 a month), you will select a Pack of meditations based on their built in categories: Foundation, Health, Relationships, Performance, Headspace Pro (for the advanced meditator). Each Pack lasts roughly 10 or 30 days and meditations range from 10,15 and 20 minutes. Headspace also records your “stats” on your profile which can be a neat feature for those individuals who like to visually see how they’re progressing/ tracking throughout the week/month.



Calm is another 30 day free app for basic meditations that center on: Sleep, Body and Music categories.

The app is free to download. In the initial 7 days of Calm, you’ll have access to: unguided sessions, some guided sessions and tracking features at no cost. A subscription which provides access to the entire Calm catalog costs $12.99/month, $59.99/year and $299.99 for a lifetime subscription.

Their Premium subscription comes with 100+ guided meditations that touch on anxiety, focus, stress, sleep, relationships and more. They have a library of “Sleep Stories” - soothing tales read by well known voices to help people unwind and fall asleep easily and deeply. With the premium subscription, you’ll also have access to Body Programs that are 10 minute guided video lessons to help release tension in the body and recharge the mind.

I hope this information helps you to determine if a meditation App is right for you and if so, which one might be a good fit to start with. All the apps listed above are easily accessible via the App Store on your smart phone device. At least our tech centric world makes navigating the stressors of life and work that much more accessible and manageable.

If you or the people in your organization/your team are struggling to productively manage the stressors of work or daily life, reach out to me directly to learn more about how I can help.

Happy Meditating!

Ashley Boyd