Personal Leadership: Reclaiming YOU Through Creativity!


When we repress and/or disassociate from our own creativity, we move farther away from understating who we really are/who we truly want to become, and we move closer to a dangerous mass-conformity mindset.


How often do you feel uninhibitedly creative?

How much of your week do you dedicate to being “in-the-flow” of creating something that gives you real joy and inner-peace, with no expectation or pre-determined result in mind?

Perhaps being creative for you means – preparing a meal for your family, building an engine, capturing a perfect moment with your camera, writing a song, a piece of art work, poetry, a design, choreography, spreadsheet or flow chart, etc.  

How much time do you spend being creative in the ways that make you feel alive?

I ask you this because a lot of adults out there have unconsciously repressed and/or disassociated from their intrinsic and creatively expansive nature.


Why do most of us unconsciously repress and/or disassociate from our innate and unique creative potential and possibilities?

I believe there are two main reasons why this happens…


We buy into the deeply embedded cultural lies and the old-conditioning, societal strategies:

For centuries, we have been slowly conditioned to repress and/or disassociate from our divine creative nature. To understand how we got so disconnected from that part of ourselves, we need to look at specific myths and false conditioning strategies that we’ve been exposed to in our current social construct to help us relearn and rewire what is true and real.

At some point in our lives, most of us bought into one of the biggest, most deceptive culturally-created lies, which is:

As you grow up, you should drop your child-like enthusiasm, curiosity, passion(s), interests and creative talents and replace them with a more “mature”, “responsible”, “steady” “predictable” and “culturally accepted” way of living your life. 

This type of negative conditioning started when we were kids. Most of us were taught at an early age to give away our sovereignty (our inner-knowing, inner-compass and authentic power) to other people. Most of us were taught at an early age to dismiss our own intuitions, thoughts, feelings, perspectives and we were encouraged to trust and put our faith in “the better”, “wiser” and “more equipped” people in our lives, that would make good decisions for us about who we are and how we should be in the world.

To no fault of their own, we learned these myths from our parents, our teachers, coaches, preachers, friends, etc. Although most of these influential and lovely people had the absolute best intention to help us - we have to remember that most people’s thought-patterns and ingrained beliefs are products of the current dysfunctional system we live in. Whether you’re conscious of it or not, the current system perpetuates a climate of fear and a dependency of us relying on outside people, governing bodies and institutions to tell us who to be and how to live our lives.

Due to this climate of fear we knowingly or unknowingly live in, most of us (not all) repress our individuality, creativity and the various forms of our self-expression. We do this because deep-down we know that being different and going against societal norms will separate us from the masses. This opens us to subjection, a fear of not being loved or accepted as we are, a fear of becoming an outcast, a fear of becoming our truest selves.


My point here is: Due to this conditioning of the system we live in and have been exposed to for most of our lives, we’ve subconsciously turned down or completely turned off our creativity and its usefulness for ourselves and others.


These calculated conditioning strategies are nothing more than false narratives that we’ve been fed for centuries to keep us small and unaware of our limitless creative potential for the purposes of controlled, contained and predictable human behavior and social structures.

Why? The real reason being - if we all awakened to the truth of how insanely creative, powerful and magnetic we are, we could change the whole game. We would collectively change the whole world and how we operate in it.

If we all awakened to the truth that WE ARE THE POWER, that WE ARE who we’ve been waiting for - our whole world would shift. We would no longer depend on the approval, opinions, rules and constructs of other people or governing bodies and institutions (who don’t really know us) to create our own positive, unique and authentic reality. This is what the Universe/ God/Source Energy intended for us in the first place.

The truth is, we are each the ultimate cosmic and creative expression of the Universe/God/Source Energy (whatever your personal term is for the Divine) in human form. WE ARE IT.


If we were taught this truth and were encouraged throughout our life to apply our enthusiasm, curiosity, passion(s), interest and creative talents to the fullest of our abilities, we would quickly become master architects of our own life-design without hesitation or fear. We would then live in a higher-vibrational frequency as a culture and because of that, we all could experience vast amounts of abundance, love, peace, expansion and joy.

Glinda the Good Witch knew this when she told Dorothy at the end of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ movie…


“You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.

~ Glinda, the Good Witch

But as you can imagine, this expansive, beautiful and truthful reality I just explained does not support or benefit the ego powers that created these false social constructs that most of us currently live in.


The second reason I believe that there is a real theme of repressing our creativity is because collective repression or disassociation leads to a collective regression of the skill (a type of unconscious amnesia).  We don’t remember how to be creative because we don’t practice the process of creativity enough!

Why?  Because choosing a life that’s rooted in expressing our creativity (which can take on so many different forms), is unfortunately perceived by the “system” as being perhaps, “suspicious, unfamiliar, unpredictable, unsafe and not illustrative of the norm of mass behavior (conditioning)”. Or, we are judged and categorized as a person who is “unsteady, flighty, indecisive” or a person who chooses to live their life in a way that resembles that of a “peter-pan” type syndrome.  This of course is the cultural conditioning of the broken system we live in. It’s simply false.

We chose to come into body to experience life to the absolute fullest expression that we are capable of. We were intended to have unique and individualistic ways of expressing ourselves, with our inner-curiosity, passions, inner-drive directing the ship. That does NOT mean we get to only experience one, two, three jobs, interests, hobbies, ect. By our divine nature, we came into human form to expand and experience as much as possible.


Imagine the human experience being one massive buffet of endless possibilities presented to each of us to experience and learn from. Ultimately, the possibilities we choose to experience and those we feel naturally drawn to are what differentiates our soul’s DNA and contract from another person’s. These experiences, both positive or negative (through our lens of perception), are here to help us learn about the truth of who we are and our individual essence that we carried with us into this world.

The irony in all of this is that our relationship and connection to our inherit creativity has not left us. We are still innately creative, imaginative, expansive and fluid, just like we were when we were young. We’ve simply forgotten that creativity is the vibrational tone of our soul and denying or repressing our own creativity is denying the essence of who we really are.


And that’s the real truth, my friends.

How can I benefit?

So if you’ve made it this far in the blog, you’re likely wondering, -  well, how can tapping into my creativity be more helpful in my life?  What will it do for me? I’ve compiled a few ideas below that will answer these questions and give you some integrative ideas to bring in more creativity to your life.

Being more creative in your life will help you…

1. Reconnect you to yourself and bring awareness to who you truly are

I can’t express to you enough the importance of learning and understanding who you truly are. It is the cornerstone of living a life of freedom and authenticity. Increasing creativity in your life can help you do this. It can help you to identify your genuine interests (likes, dislikes and why). This can be the doorway to the expansion of your inner-work, depending on where you are within this self-discovery process.

This process will unveil to you an awareness within that can lead you to evaluating yourself from your current personal experience and honest perspective. This allows for more of the truth of who you are to emerge so that you can continue to make decisions that align with your soul’s contract and wisdom.

2. Open yourself to NEW possibilities and new outcomes in your life

Sometimes we don’t allow ourselves to experience something we’ve always been interested in or felt a calling to because of the fear of what we’ve been conditioned to think and believe about giving energy to these interests.

ALLOWING ourselves to open to new experiences will not only bring new learnings, awareness, perspectives and outcomes into our world, but it will also bring us a new-found unfolding of personal expansion. I can say from experience – being open to creativity will bring in a lot more inner-fulfillment, joy, fun and inner-peace. 

3. Feel energized and fully ALIVE

Remember the feeling you got when you created something meaningful that you were crazy excited about?  It was that feeling of being “fully in it”.  Usually, in those moments we feel time wiz by and we get so lost in the act that we lose all sense of the past and future. In these beautiful moments we’re living dead smack in the center of the present moment.  Remember that?  Remember how good you felt in those moments and how good you felt afterwards?  Good!  Well there is a name for those moments, they are called “Mastery moments”. Other people may call it “being in the flow”.  The point here is that these moments bring you back to your inner-light and creativity and make you feel connected and alive. 

4. Show up as the best version of yourself for you and for everyone around you

When you allow yourself to stay “in-flow” with expressing the many sides of who you are as a creative being, EVERYONE benefits.  Not only do you feel more connected, energized and alive, but everyone around you feels that energy. 

Everything is energy, so when we are in a state of higher expression, the reminisce of that positive vibration and energy, emits out to everyone we encounter. Being more creative in your life will make you a better version of yourself for you, the ones you love and anyone you come in contact with.

Your ability to live your best, most abundant life is in direct proportion to how well you know who you truly are. Creativity is the tone of your soul and an integral part of your self-discovery process – so spend some time in the flow, learning who you really are. This is the “heart work” I facilitate with all my clients and it is transformative and humbling work that I feel supremely grateful to be apart of.



Below is a list of a few practical ideas to help you increase creativity and expansion:

  1. Dedicate one or more nights out of the week to change up your normal routine (watching TV or Netflix, vegging out, etc.) and instead, choose to engage in some form of creativity. Put on your favorite music and get after it!

  2. Write a poem

  3. Get a sketch pad

  4. Build something with your hands

  5. Finger paint

  6. Make origami

  7. Color in an adult coloring book

  8. Write a song

  9. Practice a musical instrument

  10. Write down any ideas you want to create for your future – you could draw or paint out these ideas too!


11. Create a story about the what the next chapter of your life will look like. Dream this up to its highest potential of expression!

12. Put head phones on, play your favorite song super loud and DANCE around your house like you’re totally uninhibited and free of judgement from yourself or from others. This might be a little scary and tough to allow yourself to be so free at first, but trust yourself and just just do it. I promise it will feel good.

13. Decide that one night this week you’re going to sign-up for that class you’ve always been interested in, or that you will sign-up for that group that you’ve always had a fascination with. Sign-up for something that interests you.

14. Call a friend and invite them over to be creative with you. Turn on some music, light some incense or candles, grab the perfect beverage and create something unique, working side-by-side with someone you are close with.

15. Create something with your spouse. Find any and all arts and crafts that you may have in the house (if you don’t have any, go to Michaels and grab something that catches your eye or peeks your interest) and create something together with what you have or what you go get.

Again, these are just ideas to get you thinking about how to incorporate more creativity into your life.  There are many more ways you can be creative but I hope the above list will get you get you started!

Remember, you are a creative being.  GO CREATE something beautiful!

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