My Go-To Meditative Resources


I’ve received many requests to write a post capturing some of my “go-to” meditation resources, so this is that post!

I’ll preface this post by saying that these are my ‘go-to’ resources for several meditative/grounding purposes. Resources, like guided meditations, can be very subjective. Each person will likely have different likes/dislikes with the tone of a person’s voice, pacing, phrasing and even their background music choices. You may like some of these resources and you may not - and it’s all OK! Take note of what types of meditations you are drawn to, so that you can start creating a “go-to” list of your own .

Start here

If you’re new to meditation and are curious to find a personal practice that works for you, I’d highly recommend ‘guided meditations” to start. The reason being is that for most of us, we were not introduced to the practice of quieting our mind on a daily basis when we were younger (which is a cultural shame) and thus, we’ve grown up in a world where a busy, active (or overactive) mind is the norm. There’s nothing wrong with an active mind but there can be if you’re unable to calm, quiet and center your mind on command when you need it most.

Guided meditations tend to make meditating more accessible and easier. Focusing on a narrative in a guided meditation will assist any beginner to be focused and present versus if one were simply listening to ambient sounds or tone frequencies. Remember, please be patient with yourself as you learn how to meditate. Meditation is meant to be a daily and personal practice, so trust how your personal process unfolds for you.

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“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”


beginner/shorter Guided Meditations

UCLA FREE Guided Meditations (ranging from 3 - 13 minutes):

Breathing Meditation (5 minutes):

Managing Difficult Situations or Emotions (7 minutes):

Awareness for Obsessive Thoughts (11 minutes):


Longer/Specific Meditations

Sound Bath - Balancing Your Chakras (10 minutes):

  • This is a quick and very soothing and balancing meditation. I listen to this meditation on a weekly basis, depending on my inner-state. Be sure to have head phones in when listening to this meditation for the full effect.

Accessing Your Higher Self Guided Meditation (60 minutes):

  • This is a beautiful meditation that strengthens the relationship to your higher self - your soul. This is one I’ll often listen to while drifting off to sleep or when I have more time on my hands to just be still and tune-in to the wisdom within.

Meeting Your Spirit Guide(s) Guided Meditation (1.5 hours):

  • I believe we all have a Spirit Guide(s). Spirit Guides are known to be benevolent entities that assist us energetically in different ways throughout different phases of our time on earth. These Guides are loving, peaceful entities who chose to be in soul-contract with us to help guide and protect us during our journey here. It has been said that we all have a core ‘team’ of 1-3 Guides that stay with us throughout our lifetime. Additional Guides may show up in our lives as we navigate difficult or trying times. Each Guide offers different strengths/abilities in service to us.

    This meditation helps you to connect with your Guides and their cosmic energy. Connecting with these loving beings can help strengthen your relationship with them, which in-turn can help you access and tune-in to their guidance more frequently.

Astral Projection Guided Meditation (50 minutes):

  • Learn how to separate your astral/soul body from your physical body. This allows you to “remote view” or explore the Universe in a safe, grounded and protected way through a deep state of meditation. This is an amazing mediation to ignite and advance your intuitive and physic abilities for those interested.

Accessing the Akashic Records Guided Meditation (1 hour):

  • The "Akashic Records" is a metaphysical term used to describe a place in the Universe that houses a record of every being that ever lived (in the past, present and future) - all their thoughts, feelings, words and emotions.  It’s essentially a massive cosmic library that holds "archives" of all lives that were ever lived as well as every intent, word(s), action(s), deed(s), ect. that happened or will happen in the future. 

    We can access the Akashic Records through deep meditation. Doing this can help us reveal information from the past/future that may help us resolve our wounds/challenges in this current life-time. This guided meditation leads you through the process.

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Meditation is to the mind what exercise is to the body, it warms and invigorates.

John Thornton

Work/Relaxing Music

Cleansing Root Chakra Music:

  • Some days, I feel super ungrounded - meaning a bit mentally scattered, buzzy or “heady”. When I feel this kind of energy within me, I know it’s time to “ground”. This music is great to listen to if you feel you need some grounding or centering in your life. This music is designed to awaken your root Chakra, located at the base of your spine. This specific piece of music targets the root Chakra - our connection to the earth and our body's most primal and fundamental energy center. The root Chakra regulates the energy associated with instinct, survival, and safety. This music helps to cleanse chaotic energy and helps us to feel more grounded within ourselves.

Opening Third Eye/Pineal Gland Music:

  • I listen to these healing sounds when I want to meditate without someone guiding me.  I also listen to this music when I'm working or writing. I like knowing the music is a frequency that resonates with opening and activating my third eye (the part of us that provides perception beyond ordinary sight).

Angelic Music - 432 Hertz + 528Hz:

  • I’ll listen to these healing frequencies while saging/clearning out my home, when I’m reading, writing and/or even drifting off to sleep. The tones in this music are uplifting and are at a frequency that align with angelic energy. If you need uplifting, positive and loving energy present in your life or in your home, bring these sounds in!

Ambient Angelic Tones:

  • This is another go-to for inviting in soothing and blissful angelic music partnered with some calming ocean and wind sounds. I listen to this music when meditating, working/writing, washing dishes, cleaning my home, etc. I envision my home being flooded with peace and tranquilly by and through the highest forms of love and light.

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite meditation resources. Remember that meditation is a very personal practice. The key is finding what resources you resonate with and most importantly, integrating them into your daily life to receive the maximum benefit that meditation delivers.

Ashley Boyd