the hilE METHOD™

Holistic Integrated Learning Experiences™

My methodology is unique in that I coach and train people by using holistic and integrated teaching and facilitation strategies that focus on re-igniting the connection between the mind, body and spirit. This merger and reawakening creates an expansive flow within that results in enhanced personal alignment, effectiveness, accountability and results. 

Sustained productivity, personal fulfillment, inner-balance and learning retention occur when we engage the whole individual in the self-development process. My HILE Methodology is incorporated into the design and delivery of all my coaching programs and opportunities. Each program/learning opportunity I offer includes the following elements:

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When we approach our personal and professional development with all human elements, we create an internal synergy and a sense of purpose and peace that allows for the fullest expression of who we are and who we strive to become. This alignment offers us an opening to give our best self to ourselves, then to our families, our friends, our organizations and our communities. This, to me, is being a Conscious Contributor.