"Within the center of most of us is a primal inclination to make the greatest personal contribution we can to this planet while we're here."

Real Talk:

We're all human beings, right? At our core, we're all seeking the same thing - freedom. We are searching for freedom to express ourselves authentically and to live our lives in a way that honors our deepest held values, while capitalizing on our innate skills, talents, interests and abilities. Essentially, we strive to lead a meaningful, aligned and effective life - which means different things for each individual.

Whether the greatest expression of yourself is growing within a company, starting and heading your own business, or leading your life in a deliberate way that honors YOU, we're all seeking to live a life of intentionality, purpose and expansion. Why? Because these things are the very reason we embodied here on this planet - to learn through contrasted experience and evolve into more aware and awakened people.

When we live in alignment and in-flow with our higher selves, we increase our ability and receptivity to create and live our best life.  Living from this sacred place is what helps us to remain adaptable to respond to all of lifes joys and pains with a higher perspective that's rooted in love, compassion, inner-wisdom, universal connectedness and an inner-peace that nothing can shake.

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The Disconnect:

As human beings, we consist of a Mind (the conscious and subconscious mind), a Body (physical + emotional) and a Spirit (the essence of who we truly are and the divine place we came from). In this very fast-paced westernized country, we are often taught and coached at an early age to disconnect from these innate and already integrated pieces of ourselves. The result? We fragment into separate pieces of the original whole being, which was never the Universe's intention for us. This separation was perpetuated as we moved throughout traditional modern-day schooling, where most of us spent the majority of the time nurturing the cognitive side of our development, a.k.a. “our mind.” 

Although the mind is essential in the cultivation of learning, personal/professional growth and skill development, as a culture - we have neglected the other essential elements of being a “human being.” Throughout time we have de-activated and de-valued the connection to our bodies and our spirits and here's the irony, we bring our whole selves (mind, body, spirit) to our personal relationships, work and social interactions.

Raising our individual consciousness (self-awareness) is essential to the overall health and well being of every person, relationship, organization and community on this planet.  When you grow and evolve, the whole world expands and benefits. 

My belief is that it takes all three human elements to be fully aligned and integrated to achieve and sustain true fulfillment and personal effectiveness in one’s life.


Conscious & Integrated Work:

My Life’s Work

Since 2005, my life has beckoned me to move out of the back seat and into the driver seat. At first, this was a challenging call for me to respond to. I met this call with defiant resistance. And as the saying goes, "What you resist persists" and it did. My life started to unhinge one relationship and experience at a time due to me being out of alignment within myself.

I finally realized that taking full responsibility for my own life was a must if I truly wanted to attract the kinds of people, circumstances and events that I had envisioned for myself. Through pain, some really tough life lessons and humble awakenings and opportunities, I learned how to come back to my truest, oldest and wisest self. Once I began to nurture this connection daily and see the mind-blowing benefits of this emotional reunion, I was inspired and called to teach others about it. As a result, for the past twelve years this has been my obsession both personally and professionally.
For me, living this work isn't just a concept, but an entire way of life. I dedicate intentional time and energy every day into nurturing my spiritual development so that I can lead an aligned and integrated life. This will forever be an ongoing practice and journey for me.  I am a student just as much as I am a teacher. But because of the magnetic intrinsic pull to live in this space of inner-growth and development, it organically became the focus of my entire career: teaching conscious leadership/management skills to emerging leaders in various industries.

My deep calling here is to guide you back to truth and equip you with tools, techniques and philosophies that are rooted in truth that will help you create and live your absolute best life.

Professional Background
I'm humbled and grateful for the amazing twelve years I spent in the corporate world as a senior leadership coach and training director. In that capacity, I led corporate training teams, change initiatives, and designed and delivered organization-wide distance learning programs and leadership performance programs/workshops.

Fun Fact: I started my career as an internal corporate trainer at The Walt Disney Company in Orlando, Florida.  

Professional Career Highlights

  • M.Ed. In Adult Education & Training

  • Andragogy SME

  • Spiritual Life Coach Certification

    • NLP therapy techniques and models

  • Master Facilitator Certifications with:

    • DDI - Development Dimensions International

    • Ken Blanchard Companies, Situational Leadership II

    • Ken Blanchard Companies, Leading Through Change

  • Certification in MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)

  • EFT Certified

  • Certified Chair Yoga Instructor

I’m originally from a small town outside of Boston, MA. My husband, Michael and our pup, Breck, split our time between Phoenix, AZ and Golden, CO.

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